To be more specific…

I have my general plan for the move laid out, as you saw in my last post. As of right now, I have exactly 2 weeks until the actual move and I feel like I’m floundering in stuff. I’m doing my best to try not to pack things that I’ll need to sort once I get there by sorting and getting rid of things now. But I feel like these next 2 weeks will zoom by and I’ll once again be shoving things into boxes and onto the truck at the last possible moment.

There are quite a few things in a house that just must wait to be packed. My friend Stacy asked me today what percentage of the house do I have packed and I honestly couldn’t answer her. I’m truly not sure because I feel like I have a majority of the house still to pack up.

Tomorrow’s (Friday, July 1) task is to make a list and prioritize everything that will have to be done in the next two weeks. Everything from schedule utilities to be turned off here to packing a suitcase for Texas Bandmasters so I’m not scrambling to get that done and not knowing where anything is while it’s still in boxes. I am also having the 2nd and final phase of the Driveway Sale on Saturday morning so tomorrow will be a prep day for that extravaganza as well.

Something I haven’t said in any of these posts yet – this will be my 18th move in 38 years. Funny thing is, I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. I guess because this is the biggest move I’ve had by myself yet. If you have any suggestions for the planning stage of the next two weeks, leave me a comment. Any suggestion is welcome!

Love you, mean it!

One thought on “To be more specific…”

  1. After looking around my house, I’m thinking 90% of the pre-packing I can do is done. My friend Ken is coming over soon, I’m sure he’ll point out the err in my thinking. 🙂

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