Our walk

I try to take Clipford on a walk 6 of the 7 days a week. There is a nice neighborhood next to my complex that’s safe and quiet (from cars zipping through) to walk through. We go pretty early so we get to see the neighborhood just starting to wake up, actually.

This morning, the weather was beautiful. We went a little later and normally, it would have already been sweltering when we stepped out the front door but because of Tropical Storm Lee hitting land in Louisiana yesterday, it really cooled things off and we were able to go after the sun had started to come up. The wind sounded so beautiful as it buzzed through the tops of the trees and because it’s Labor Day, there were few people out. It was just Clipford, me and the elements of nature.

When we walk earlier, there are lots of dogs that like to bark as we walk by their homes so I think that probably scares away a lot of the squirrels and birds that live in the trees from coming down to play. The first few weeks we lived here, we’d always see birds and squirrels playing in the yards and streets as we walked by. Not lately…until now. I guess lately, we’ve been walking much earlier so even they’re still asleep. Today, the dogs weren’t out but the other animals were. It was so much fun to be surrounded at one point by dozens of little birds hopping through the pines and squirrels collecting for winter to come.

The only thing that made this beautiful morning at all sad was the smell of smoke in the air, reminding me of the devastation others through Texas are experiencing.

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