It’s taken me a year to figure out how I can incorporate the University pool hours into my daily schedule. They’re only open from noon until early evening (6 or 8pm) and being a grad student, those have been the hours I’m most busy most days of the week.

This summer, I did a lot of sitting. Mind you, I was researching, studying scores, attending symposia, etc. but all of it came with a lot of sitting. So as soon as the university pool became open to students registered for the Fall Semester, I was there – everyday!! I started out by only being able to swim 10 laps. It’s a 25 yard length pool so a lap is 50 yards and 10 laps is 500 yards. Not bad for not having swum in pretty much a full year. By the end of the two weeks I had before summer band started, I was up to swimming 25 laps or 1250 yards! (10 more laps and it would be right around a mile.)

So now that school has started, I’m only swimming twice a week. But they’re scheduled times on my calendar and I try treat those times like it’s a class. I have to admit that the last two weeks I didn’t swim on Friday afternoon but it was because I had work for school I had to take care of to make deadlines without running out of time. But hopefully, that isn’t a pattern. I think I may try to add in swimming on Sunday but with that being the only day I have completely to do chores and research and such, that may not happen as I’d like with the limited hours of the university pool.

Regardless, I’m happy when I’m swimming. I feel so graceful and powerful and at peace all at once. It helps me clear my head find a moment of peace. When is that a bad thing? 😉

Love you, mean it!

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