Amarillo by Morning

I’m now in Amarillo and happily living in my house. Except it feels like a big storage unit because it’s still filled with boxes. I’ve gotten quite a bit of unpacking done but there’s still a lot of organizing to do and some of it I can’t get done until I can purchase a few organizational tools and that’s not going to happen until after I get my first paycheck (maybe even second). So, storage unit living it is.

I have some time and motivation to get stuff done today but I’m finding that I’m not sure what to work on because every project I have to start is going to take more than a day and I don’t want to 1/2 start anything new. So, I wander around my house, trying to figure out what’s next and waste time. In the words of the comic strip Cathy, “ACK!”

I’ve started band stuff with the leadership and drumline camps last week. Both went very well and I’m really looking forward to getting started with all the kiddos. One foreseeable problem – how am I going to function during marching rehearsal with these insane allergies I’ve developed? And taking allergy medication isn’t working. I’m hoping it’s actually just my body adjusting to the drier air and once my body is used to it, my nose will stop running. It’s really annoying in the mean time.

Okay, time to wander the house a little more. I do have to do laundry, put away clean dishes and go to the grocery store so I have that.

Love you, mean it!

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