Feel the burn, don’t forget to breathe!

Today, I decided to head to my apartment complex’s work out room. I’ve lived here for a year and a half and never explored it. I’ve never been a big fan of gyms or work out rooms. Did 30 minutes on level 3 on the bike. I worked up quite the sweat and I feel pretty good. I think what I liked most about this work out room is that I got in there early enough that I was the only one there and there were only 3 other people after my 30 minute ride. I deal with enough random people during the day (okay, so my 150 students aren’t random people but they go to school with 1850 random people) that too many others when I get home is not okay. I had a horrible night’s sleep (if you can call it sleep) last night so that work out was just what I needed. Hopefully, I’ll have a good nights sleep tonight. I have another long day tomorrow. I’ll work out again on Friday.


I think I maybe wearing myself a bit ragged. Since the New Year has started, I’ve been going and going. Last weekend, everytime I’d lay down, I think I fell asleep! Today, I had some symptoms of the current strain of flu — stomach and lower back aching, whole body exhausted. No fever or major headache, though. I talked to my dad for a long time and he doesn’t think it’s the flu. It might be the drastic changes in weather that have had everyone’s allergies (including mine) in Central Texas all confused. Or, now that I’m trying to keep with the change in diet and addition of consistent activity, my body is flushing all the gunk I’ve packed in over the holidays. Or, it could just be the 14 hour day at work I did on Tuesday.

Whatever the cause of this current ailment, I’m hoping it will pass quickly. I really don’t feel like being sick right now, my “window” of my life that is open to me taking time off for personal illness has passed and now, my being out from work will only hold me and my entire ensemble back. If I am getting sick though, I can’t fight it. I must let it do it’s thing and pass without me trying to deny that it’s happening. Denile will only prolong the torture.

So, with that said, I’m taking my dose of vitamin C and going to bed. I have to be up at 5am tomorrow. Oh yeah, I’m taking it easy, huh? *shakes head*