So, I’ve put a bunch of pictures on my computer, cleaned up the color in Photoshop and was all ready to upload the first batch in my gallery when I find that there is something funky with my Gallery and it won’t let me upload anything!!! Gives me an error message. I guess I could try to upgrade Gallery, seeing if that helps to fix the situation, but I can’t find documentation that’s not techno-babble to help me upgrade. Why can’t people give technical information in English???? Anywho, if you have knowledge of Gallery and can help me with this, please email me or leave me a comment here. I think something got screwed up in fixing that “virus” message thing a few weeks ago. Maybe I can call ol’ Mark at and see if he can help me…. *sigh*

I’ll upload the pics to my web folder and try to blog that way at some point this week, or maybe this weekend, or maybe next month. 😉

*cough, cough*

Is the virus gone from my blog now? Sorry about that…. 😦


Turns out it really wasn’t a virus – just some bored person who hacked my ftp password (now changed again) and added a line of javascript to make it look like there was a virus there. I’ve scanned and scanned the files several times to be sure. No virus on my computer and now no faux-virus on my server. Thanks for your patience.

iPod spinout

The hard drive on my iPod 20 gig is spinning out, I think. I know I won’t be able to get an appointment with the Genius Bar today so I guess I’m out of an iPod for a while. I guess this is a hint that I need to listen to the iPod Mini and study my band literature. Luckily, it’s good stuff and I have more CDs to add to that iPod anyways, thanks to my purchases at TMEA.

More on TMEA later. Please think good thoughts for my iPod.

– – – – – – – – – – Update- – – – – – – – – –
Yeah, the hard drive spinning out is for real and they couldn’t do anything about it (duh). So, I sucked it up and got a new black 30 gig iPod. It’s cool, I guess. I hate that my engraving doesn’t transfer and they can’t engrave this one unless I buy it online. 😦 I turned in my old one for recycling and a 10% discount. 🙂 New adventure begins….

Sync no workie. :(

This summer, I bought a Motorola Razr to replace the Motorola V551 I had for oh, 9 months to a year. I’d gotten used to the applications and features the Motorola phones, especially the Sync feature these Moto phones have. I love my Yahoo! Calendar because I can fully access and update it anywhere I’m with a computer on the internet. I’ve been a loyal user of Yahoo! Mail & features for many years and when I discovered I could sync my phone with my calendar without having to deal with cables or having a Blackberry style phone (which don’t sync with Yahoo! Calendar), I was quite joyous. I didn’t have to use Outlook, of which I’m not a fan, and I could be anywhere, make an appointment, put it in the phone, hit two buttons and it was synced to my Yahoo! Calendar.

Recently, Yahoo! announced the new version of Yahoo! Go and Yahoo! Mobile in which you have to download software onto your phone to make Yahoo! features work. Since that announcement, I was able to upload appointments from my phone to my calendar but not vice versa. As of yesterday, the sync feature won’t even connect to Yahoo! at all. 😦 And I can’t use the new software offered by Yahoo! because my phone isn’t the right version of the Razr. And of course, in their infinite technology company wisdom, there’s no answer as to what to do if you’re not able to sync anymore because of this situation. I’m sure they’re in co-hoots with phone companies to get people to buy newer phones but since I’m waiting and saving for the new iPhone, it’s not something I can really consider. As much as I enjoy using Yahoo! products and I probably won’t stop anytime soon, not being able to really get an answer that can help me from their Help wesite really pisses me off. 😡

On another note, I hear that Cingular is changing their name back to AT&T. They were apparently hinting at it with the Apple keynote at MacWorld Conference. Meh, whatever. As long as they don’t have service as crappy as I got with Sprint, keep rollover minutes and still offer the iPhone when it becomes available, I don’t care what they call themselves.

Wednesday’s Presidential News Conference

I’m laying lazily in bed, watching the Today Show, thinking I should probably get up and get the day started when, instead of Regis and Kelly coming on at 9am, the President decided to have a news conference. I’m thinking it’s going to be a simple state of the war (we’re not winning…but not losing, either) kinda thing and a few questions that he’ll stumble through. NO…30 minutes later, he’s STILL TALKING and I don’t know if I listened really any of what he’s said. So, I tune in and realize that HE may not have even been listening to any of what he’s said. LOL. Then, the questions come. He insults some reporter and is still stumbling to make any sense of anything. *sigh* I go jump in the shower and when I’m done (granted, I’m not necessarily the longest shower taker), HE’S STILL TALKING!!! I had to change the channel. Finally, an hour later, I pop back over and see a commercial but I flip to another station to find that their news team is analyzing what all he’s said. I’m thinking that shouldn’t take too long.

Hence why I hate politics and it’s a wonder I vote. The modern American government is certainly not what our forefathers envisioned….

If he would have just commented on the Miss USA scandal, it might have been interesting! (NOT)

One teaser after another!

This is the intersection of Hwy 79(E. Palm Valley Blvd.) & FM-1490 (A.W. Grimes Blvd.). Why is this intersection significant enough that I’m choosing to blog about it today? It’s going to be my way to work and my way home each day and going this path should cut my travel time by 7-10 minutes each way. It’s supposed to be open by now and it looks complete from both sides but for some reason, it’s not. Maybe the middle isn’t yet. You can’t see it very well in this picture but there is a strip in between Hwy 79 (going across) and A.W. Grimes (being constructed) that’s just dirt. It looks like all they have to do is fill in that dirt with real road and we could use it easily enough. But not. We just keep getting teased. Ah, I’ll be so excited when they finally open it.

Speaking of opening, the new Steak & Shake in So. Austin is supposed to open on Wednesday. I’d go to the grand opening with my friend Kristina but I’m hosting the department Christmas Party that afternoon so that looks like a no go. It doesn’t look like they’ve even broken ground on the one that’s going in behind IKEA yet. Another teaser…. The story of my life.