Not yet, anyways.

Meh, nothing to say….. Sad, huh?



It’s 49 degrees out and raining here in Austin. I love this weather. Too bad I’m all alone this weekend. :/

Last night, my best friend Cathy (yes, my best friend’s name is Cathy, too) and I got together in her new house, had some soup she made and wine. We hadn’t seen each other much lately because our schedules are totally opposite so we had a lot of catching up to do. Really a great evening. Just what I needed after a long day of sitting in a room, listening to high school flute players all day.

I’ve got so much to do today. When marching season ended, I decided that I was going to declutter my apartment. I knew this was going to be quite the process because I’ve grown up being a pack-rat. If you’ve ever gone through the major decluttering process, you know that in order to do it right, you’ve got to create quite a bit of organized chaos in order to filter out what you don’t need and put what you do need to keep in it’s respective place. My apartment is an absolute wreck!!! My cats wanna curl up with me and sleep (which doesn’t sound like a bad idea with this weather out) but I know I have to continue on with my endeavors.

I am going to get a massage this afternoon. That will be good. 🙂


Have you ever got in a slump where the energy to think anymore than you have to is gone? I’m having one of those weeks. Not sure why. Could be because marching/football season is now over and I’m beat. Actually, I could probably account much of my desire of laziness to it. So, let me apologize in advance for a boring blog for a little while. Take it easy. I’m gonna try!

Apartment update

Interesting note… I just checked my bank account online and found that the original check I wrote for my rent (written on the 1st, that was supposedly never received) has been cashed. In fact, it was cashed the day I wrote the new check (that was done on Nov 5) to replace the lost one.

Wanna see what shit looks like when it hits the fan? Come by my apartment complex office when they open at 10am on Tuesday!

The weekend wrap-up

What a great weekend I had! It started with the LAST TIGER FOOTBALL GAME!!! It was sad that we lost but the boys played hard. Although the Stony Point football team lost every game this season, it has to say good things about the new coach & program when you realize that they scored more points this year than the past 5 years combined!

After the game, we took the band kids who had won a contest during the car wash to IHOP as their prize. They (we) had a lot of fun, even though the food took forever to come to the tables and we didn’t get out of there until way after 1am! I think we have a better plan for next year.

On Saturday, I really couldn’t sleep in. You’d think that with the long day on Friday and Len with his adventure getting to Austin that we’d want to sleep half the day, but NO. 8am, eyes open!! It worked out okay though because we made it to Joshua’s 4th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Pizza at 10am. It was like college again!!

From there, Len & I ran some errands and headed to Houston for the UH game. Go Coogs!! They won the game against East Carolina. I know where North Carolina and South Carolina are but I’ve gotta know, where in the HELL is EAST Carolina??? Well, where ever it is, they’re back there after having lost to the Coogs! Other than the win, several very exciting things happened at the game. First, I saw my friend Connie & her daughter Sami across the stadium. Well, I actually texted messaged Connie with, “Guess where I am” and my phone rang with Sami asking me what section we were sitting in. Connie & I had talked last weekend about each of us going to the game. I took a stab in the dark that she was actually there. Second, Bill Moffitt (a very famous composer/arranger I grew up playing music of) was there. He had been a band director at UH for many years and did many of his famous marching band arrangements we’ve all played and loved while there. UH renamed their music building to honor him and they had him conduct the Cougar Band in his arrangement of The Horse (one of my favorite tunes). Very cool. Good friends, good music, good tailgate, good score. What else could someone ask for at a football game???

Sunday, we vegged out and watched Blues Brothers. Great classic movie. Again, I was surrounded with the music I grew up playing. The drive home was strange since it got so dark so fast but once I got home, it was immediate snuggling with the cats.

I can’t wait until Thanksgiving weekend. I’ve got 2 days that are 1/2 days and 3 days off before we even reach Saturday! I see more travelling in my future.

What a week!

Actually, it’s been quite a hectic 2 weeks. First, Brian, the head band director, has been out of town for most of these two weeks and has left quite a bit of extra responsibility for me to deal with. This week is the end of the grading period and the last football game so lots of extra things always come up on top of the regular things that we normally have to deal with.

Second, I’ve had people staying with me quite a bit these two weeks. First, Kim, Brian’s daughter, stayed with me while he and his wife were out of town last week. She went home only to have one of my best college friends Ken come to stay for our annual weekend o’ band overload. He left and now Len and I are planning a weekend together. I’m not upset or frustrated or disappointed about any of it, it’s just exhausting! I know Len knows how I feel right now so I have no worries about this weekend with him. 🙂

So, once a month, the many teachers from the school I started teaching (that none of us are at anymore) get together and play a game called Bunco. It’s a game of chance with dice and a $5 entry fee. At the end of the night, you can win parts of the pot by winning in different ways. No one really goes for the money. We’re teachers, what do WE need with money? Really, we just go for adult conversation and girl time. Lots of fun. My friend Stephanie even met me for sushi before and brought her new baby!

Well, I get home from a nice evening to find a note stuck in my door jam. It says I didn’t pay my rent!!! About 2 days ago, I had to stop and look in my checkbook to see if I paid the rent because I had a wierd feeling I hadn’t. But I had written it out when I paid all my other bills. After I got that notice, I had even looked again to make sure. So, where was it??? I looked everywhere I could think of and I’m now figuring that I must have dropped it in the mailbox with all the other bills. Dammit. Now, what do I do? I’m owing almost double my rent to the apartment because I’m paying way under what they consider to be market price (it’s a nice place but what they list is SOOO not what this apartment is worth), I’m probably going to have to pay a stop check fee to my bank AND I have to deal with the idiots who run this place. I just got some maintenance done on my car so I know I can’t afford the higher rent, even with money I’d saved up. On top of that, the damn office doesn’t open until 10 am!!! I’ve already had a few hours at work by them. When the hell do they expect anyone to come by? No wonder occupancy is down…..

Maybe I can run home around 10 this morning to settle all this. Maybe they’ll see that I really am a good resident (always pay rent on time, never ask for maintenance) and they’ll cut me a break. Maybe Stone (the management idiot) will find a brain before I have to talk to him. We’ll see!

In the meantime, you can send your donation for the Keep Cathy Housed Fund to….

Doesn’t hurt to try, right?

One more

Well, one more game until the end of the football season. Marching season officially ended this Tuesday with UIL State Marching Contest. Will this create more time to do some other things I enjoy? I hope so!