About those Christmas decorations….

It’s January 6 and the today is the 12th day of Christmas and I figure many people will take down their decorations this coming weekend. I’m not sure what’s different about this year but when I’m driving or walking through my neighborhood and I see houses still lit up, I keep thinking, “why are they STILL up??”. Maybe it’s because I didn’t put up any decorations this year. Okay, I did get an official “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” and put it up after Christmas (I couldn’t resist having it and not putting it up) but I’ve put that away already. Maybe it’s because the weather is bright and warm again. Maybe I really never felt the Christmas spirit so much this time around. 2010 was a pretty bah humbug kind of year. Who knows, I’m just ready for the decorations to come down. Let’s move onto other things. HEB has…. 😉