Apartment update

Interesting note… I just checked my bank account online and found that the original check I wrote for my rent (written on the 1st, that was supposedly never received) has been cashed. In fact, it was cashed the day I wrote the new check (that was done on Nov 5) to replace the lost one.

Wanna see what shit looks like when it hits the fan? Come by my apartment complex office when they open at 10am on Tuesday!

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  1. K, so here’s what has happened today:

    I took today off to take care of a backlog of domestic things (which are still somewhat backlogged). This morning, I decided to go ahead and just call the office. I figured that I took the day off so if I could do what I needed to do in my pajamas, why not!

    Thank goodness I didn’t get stuck talking to the assistant manager. He’s the idiot and nothing logical would have gotten done without me getting dressed, walking down there and held his hand step by step though all this. All the while, he’d be trying to double talk me because this is all he knows how to do.

    So, the manager calls me back and I explain what I’ve discovered. She checks in the computer and we find out that if they did deposit the check, it wasn’t credited to my account (which they say is a hard mistake to make) but they’re going to go through all the copies of the checks turned in to double check that this didn’t happen. So I call the bank. The lady at the bank looks at the scanned copy of the check and notices that there is no endorsement on the back of the check. They’re going to investigate it and see if they can figure which bank cashed the check and go from there.

    Meanwhile, the second check I wrote to the apartment complex has already been deposited so I moved around the little savings I had so no checks would bounce. ARGH!

    I’m glad I’m peacefully finding solutions to this whole mess but it sure is frustrating! Anyone feel like buying me a drink? I’m sure gonna need a few when this is all said and done!!

  2. I think we need to hook up B, we can knock back a few and bitch about things we directly cannot change 🙂 But we can enjoy to many drinks and just fall about the place being silly.

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