Have you ever got in a slump where the energy to think anymore than you have to is gone? I’m having one of those weeks. Not sure why. Could be because marching/football season is now over and I’m beat. Actually, I could probably account much of my desire of laziness to it. So, let me apologize in advance for a boring blog for a little while. Take it easy. I’m gonna try!

3 thoughts on “Blah”

  1. Well, get your self some well deserved rest, find yourself the tastiest snacks, and relax while you have the opportunity B. I think I hear slay bells ringing and that means Christmas concert coming up 😀 So take advantage of the downtime, or just store up some energy, because something tells me that when we go home, we’re going to be running all over the place 🙂 *w00t*

  2. You should buy a bicycle!! And take it out on the road!! Nothing beats the feeling of coming home with every single muscle in your body hurting so much that when you lay down its HEAVEN!!!! And then Len can massage you!!

  3. Ayyyyeeee tah! Now i’m being pimped for services? Don’t I get a taste of the action here? Where’s muh money? 😛

    Actually bikes sounds like a kick ass idea! Especially in Austin, there are lots of places we could ride. Hell, I know that now and again she goes skating with her pops but I’d feel like biking would be alot more fun 😀

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