Finally, an update!

Friday night was my official conducting debut. Man, I was nervous! So much to do to prepare for the concert. Especially when the head director insists on NOT doing an ordinary Christmas Concert. He puts together quite the show. We incorporated acting, dancing, storytelling, and even technology into our show. Hopefully, I can get a copy of someone’s video and post portions of it.

Anyways, the concert went really well. My kids performed all the things we’d practiced. They received many compliments all of which I agree with. Very successful night.

I started my Yoga last week. I’ve just had time to do little 20 minute session in the mornings but they’ve helped my energy level through the day. I didn’t do them yesterday or today and I’m feeling fairly tired. Maybe it’s from not doing Yoga, maybe it’s just ’cause it’s the weekend, maybe it’s ’cause Len’s here. 😀

Len wants to go see National Treasure today but it’s not really on my wanna see list so I’ve disappointed him. I’m sorry baby…. I’m actually not in the mood to sit in a movie theater at all; it’s too pretty of a day out. We’re just sitting around my apartment but I’ve got the window open and the cats are getting some much needed attention. It’s nice to not have to do anything for once. Maybe I should do a load of laundry or two today, though.

I have some new pictures of the fat cats taken. I’ll post them later today so you all can see just how FAT they really are.

I guess that’s it for now. Happy weekend.

5 thoughts on “Finally, an update!”

  1. Len here = 😀
    Len not getting to see “National Treasure” = 😐
    Len eating and feeling like “fat cat” = 😦

    Really, I like adventure movies, and hot butter popcorn to boot. When the time comes, I’m sure that I’ll get to see it, but just thought we’d do that while here babes…. daz all.

  2. I love yoga. I don’t get motivated to do it enough, which is a shame as when I do I feel so much better in all ways. Glad you have had a great weekend….

  3. That’s great Cathy! I had no idea that you were a student of Yoga. Which form are you beginning with? I have been a student of Sivananda Yoga for almost 5 years now… even having been fortunate enough to spend time at a Sivananda Ashram. Hopefully in the next few months or so I will have progressed far enough physically and spiritually after these years to begin Jnana Yoga.

    Anyway, if you ever need yoga resources I have hundreds of them, so just let me know!

  4. Honestly, I have no idea which type of Yoga I’m starting with. I have the AM/PM Yoga DVD I borrowed from a friend that I’ve been using. She also lent me one called Power Yoga but I haven’t had time to look at that one yet. I figure I’ll get more into things over the Christmas break. Len got me a mat (thanks, baby) and I have a strap so I’m pretty much set to go for now. Maybe once I really get into it all, I’ll probably have questions to further my study…..

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