The air is sooo dry!

I must comment on how dry the air is! A cold front blew in last night and it’s been below 60 degrees (which is sweater weather in Austin). Because the front was a high pressure front, it’s a dry front. It’s so dry outside that as I was coming home, I was talking to my mom with my cell phone headset in and I kept getting shocked in my ear as I walked up the 3 flights of stairs to my apartment! I don’t recommend static shocks in the ear. They don’t feel so good.

4 thoughts on “The air is sooo dry!”

  1. I was thinking the same thing earlier about the air, but it’s because for once my hair is (almost) straight, without having to fry it with an hour and a straightening iron. I am loving it! Ahh, the issues of the curly-haired. Lol…

  2. lol, static ears…. If only i could been there for the action. And though I can actually relate to the long hair and cold, I don’t miss those days of static charged hair 😛

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