Well, I guess I should update…

Christmas eve, I got to play my trumpet at Anderson Mill Baptist Church. It was a non-paying gig but my boss invited me to come and it was fun. I need to keep playing my horn, I really enjoy it. After church, I went with Brian (my boss), his family and Matt (the other band director) to Brian’s brother Kevin’s house for gumbo (YUMMY). Brian’s dad is from Louisiana so although it wasn’t too spicy, it was delicious. Lots and lots of seafood! The pot Kevin cooked it in was HUGE. When standing on the stove, the top was almost taller than me! It was a very interesting evening because not only was Brian’s family all there (they’re all so nice), but Dick Floyd (Director of Music for UIL) and Jerry Junkin (Director of Instrumental Conducting at UT — major band guru) were there!! Now, I’ve known Dick Floyd since I was a freshman in high school but Jerry Junkin is a major band icon, not just in Texas but internationally, and to think I spent Christmas Eve with him and his family is kinda made me star struck. Kevin is the Director of Bands and Director of Instrumental Conducting at Baylor and is quite renowned himself. Kevin’s told me a few times, “They’re just regular people,” about them and a few other people he knows but still, I couldn’t help but be awestruck.

After gumbo and just hanging out, we all decided to head home. I was in bed for a good 45 minutes when my phone rings and Len’s so excited, I’m surprised he can spit out all the words to create a sentence! It was snowing in the RGV!!! And not only was it snowing, the snow was building and packing on the ground. It was colder than anything in Austin but there was no percipitation within a 100 mile radius. 😦 Oh well.

Woke up Christmas morning, did my Yoga, got ready and headed to mom and dad’s. For the past 6 or 7 years, my family has stopped stressing out with Christmas presents and decorations and the big Christmas feast. Instead, we’ve gone to the nicer hotels and restaurants for their Christmas morning brunch. The last 4 years or so have been at The Four Seasons, and it was wonderful but this year, we thought we’d try Green Pastures. Excellent food, deserts, atmosphere, and peacocks!

I don’t know how many they had there but they were all over the yard, even on the roof and in the trees!!
I realized after we had left that my sister and I were so busy taking pictures of the peacocks that we didn’t get ANY of the beautiful house or our family. (oops)

Then, after hanging out at the house, my mom and I decided to come up to my apartment to hand out and watch a movie. It was really nice to hang out with my mom. We don’t get to do it often.

Since then, I’ve been cleaning the apartment and working out (yoga, walking and pilates). I sure am feeling a lot better. Hopefully, all the food I’ve been eating will not stay on my body for a long time.

I can’t wait for Len to come up here at the end of this week for New Years. There’s a small group of us that are planning on going to dinner and dancing for New Years. Woo hoo to Connie for “taking charge” and convincing Frank that they’re coming with us. Oh yeah, and woo hoo to Connie & Frank for the wonderful BOA time the night before Christmas eve and her spectacular cookies. I’m working out extra hard so I can eat those cookies, you know!

So, what are your New Years plans?

4 thoughts on “Christmas!”

  1. Man, I envy you. I LOVE seafood. If I could eat it every day of my life (instead of chicken), I would. I don’t really get to eat it as often as I’d like.

    On the other side, that’s cool that you got to spend Christmas with an “icon”. I miss playing in a “real band” but not enough to go back to it quite yet. 😉

    For New Years, I plan to just do what I usually do, have a few drinks, light off some road-flares (they’re the cheap-mexican version of fireworks and they last for ever), and sit around with family.

    Hope you have a happy 🙂

    Tell that ding-dong LEN to call me. I’m still waitin on him to come down so we can go hit up mex. 🙂


  2. Catherine,
    you sounds like you’re doing very well. Congrats!
    We are playing a gig at Uhland Club 21 for New years.
    Hey, your Yoga, walking, and pilates sounds as if you’re going for the cover of the swimsuit issue! WOW!

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