KXAN.com – Bowie Student Dies On School Trip

This makes me really sad. I have NO idea what condition I’d be in if this happened to someone in my band. Hug a loved one. Let your heart and prayers go out to those associated with the Bowie Band.

KXAN.com – Bowie Student Dies On School Trip

My friend Connie is a Bowie Band Parent and her daughter Sami is on this trip. Here are her thoughts:
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  1. Update from Connie:

    I have finally talked to my friend, Renee, who is a chaperone on the Bowie trip. She said the kids are coping quite well. Most have expressed regret that they didn’t get to know Robert better; he only came to Bowie this fall.

    The decision today, by the band, was to go ahead with the activities, competition and parade. Robert’s mom has assured them that he would want it that way.

    They wore black ribbons last night at the flag ceremony and will be wearing black armbands at their competition tomorrow. In addition, the pit kids are going to put black tape on their mallets and put Robert’s mallets on his keyboard.

    Ben Rojas said, at the drumline meeting today, that he didn’t know Robert well. But, now every time he performs with the Bowie Band, he will be thinking of Robert and doing his very best.

    ——-another update——–

    It is a tribute to all of you families of the Bowie Band that the
    students here in Phoenix are demonstrating a terrifically high level
    of maturity, resilience and determination as we go through this sad

    We spent a tearful, difficult, productive, and amazing morning
    working through feelings and decisions.

    The children met as a group with Mr. Ewing and 28 parent chaperones.
    We’ve decided to move foward with the itinerary as it is remaing
    flexible to making changes as needed.

    Mrs. Plumlee is here in Phoenix. She is being assisted by a friend
    who has travled here to be with her, AISD administration, Carrie
    Courson and Les Nichols. It is her wish, and she believes it would
    have been Robert’s desire, to see the band do what it has come here to
    Phoenix to do.

    The band’s performance tomorrow will be dedicated to Robert.

    A memorial service will take place in Austin. Details are tentative
    at this time. The service will probably take place on the evening of
    Thursday, January 6th.

    Parents at home, please be comforted to know that those parents who
    had made plans to be in Phoenix for the parade and competition are
    glad to find as they arrive here that the students are in good spirits
    and demonstrating a strong desire to continue on as planned.

    The rehearsal this morning was phenomenal. The host band, Mountain
    Pointe, gave up their stadium rehersal time for our use and cheered for
    Bowie from their own stands.

    We expect great things from children and they rise to meet those
    expecations time and again.

    Tonight it’s dinner at Rawhide. Tomorrow is the competiton. We know
    Robert will be with us.

    Go DAWGS!

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