Another birthday

Last night, I met my family at Gumbo’s for my mom’s birthday. She’s 29! 😉 We had a lot of fun. We started out drinking delicious champagne and eating spicy crab cakes. We moved to a wonderful red wine (no, I can’t remember brands or wine types) and ordered dinner. I had the Tenderloin George cooked medium with steamed asparagus. It was a bit peppery (but the place is creole cuisine) but it did melt in my mouth.

The one (and only) thing that we didn’t like about Gumbos was that it was noisy and they didn’t have round tables so it was hard for the 6 of us to talk together. So for dessert, we went to the Hyatt. After another hour of delicious desserts and great conversation, it was after 11:00 and we were all tired. Mom and her friend Jane (who was the 6th in our group — Len had to work that day so he couldn’t make it) had gone to an all day massage therapy course, my sister worked all day, Keith drove up from Houston (I told him he should have stopped at Whole Earth and kidnapped Len on his way) and I spent the day cleaning house. Yes, I watched Spider-Man 2 as well yesterday but that was after I was done cleaning and while I was waiting to go meet my family.

Happy Birthday Mom! May you have another wonderful year!