The Wedding Date
Cathy & I saw The Wedding Date tonight. It wasn’t bad. Of course, it was a love story but it wasn’t sappy enough to make me cry. I don’t know that I’d go out and buy it when it comes out on DVD. Dermot Mulroney is definitely worth paying a few extra bucks to see this movie, though. Debra Messing looks great in this movie. She even has moments when she’s not playing “Grace”. I’d like to get the soundtrack but one doesn’t seem to be available! 😦

Out of 5 stars, I’ll give it 3. The company, I’ll give 5 stars out of 5! 😀

2 thoughts on “The Wedding Date”

  1. Looks interesting. A great movie that will rough you up (if you have a heart – lol) would be “A Walk To Remember.” Mandy Moore is hot, so “nuf said!” ;o)

    – by the way, I like the “movie review trend” you seem to be on.

  2. very, ah, astute evaluation, my dear! one thing you left out…
    hee… Dermot Mulroney’s butt! (yes, I’m about 9 years old)
    and OMG, “A Walk to Remember” – i think i cried for 3 days and made all the boys at work watch it….

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