The rest of this week

I was looking at February so far and noticed that I’ve updated almost daily! So, to let you all catch up to my number of posts this month (except Anne, she’s right up with me), I’ll be taking the rest of the week off from posting. Please use that time wisely to take stock in your own lives and share with the rest of us. You will be graded on grammar, as well as content. (Oh, wait, that goes with the assignment I’m leaving with my kids while I’m gone! Sorry.)

Actually, I’ll be off to San Antonio for the annual Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) convention. It’s one of the largest music educators conventions in the nation and I’m sure I’ll be more than overwhelmed with concert and clinics to go to and plenty of people to schmooze and be schmoozed by on the exhibit floor. I’ll take my laptop but I don’t know what type of internet connection I’ll have access to (if any at all).

As hard as it is to do while away from home, I’m going to try to eat healthy and continue getting some level of exercise. Walking the expansive (I’ll take pictures to show how huge it is) exhibit hall as well as to and from the Hyatt daily will give me some exercise and I’m going to keep to my no beer and sodas regimine. It’s the nightly fair that will take the toll on me this week. Catching up with friends happens so much at night that hitting the Riverwalk scene can’t be avoided. But I must be on my best behavior. I’m sure my hotel mates (or my subconscious) will guilt trip me enough. If not, I have a lot of work to do when I get back.

So, I hope to have good things to read when I get back. Have a good rest of the week all!

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  1. Have a great time babe! Be sure to get our band nerd on, and catch up with all your pals. Don’t worry about a thing, have a good time and enjoy your self……

    It’s a celebration bitches! Show Rick James your TiTies!
    L M F A O

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