Good Day, Bad Day

One stress at school (Solo & Ensemble Contest)has passed but there are a still many high pressure tasks up ahead. One day, I’m going to post what each week looks like so you guys can see what kind of time commitment I give to my career. Luckily, this is not a “job” that I’ll do for a while but my career so all the time and work are worth it. So, on to yesterday’s events!

Yesterday, was a good and bad day.

Good news first — Solo & Ensemble was wonderful. Some people were disappointed with their results but for the most part, things were as or better than expected. I’m really proud of all the band kids who worked hard on their music (even if it was just at the last minute) and were brave enough to go play it in front of a judge. Also congrats to those folks who were even more brave to memorize their music and not chicken out at the last minute. Congrats to all those folks who qualified to State!!! It’s a huge accomplishment, much bigger than when I was in high school. Competition has certainly gotten more difficult over the years! Kudos to you all.

Bad news last — The $350 million bond in Round Rock didn’t pass yesterday. The margin was 68% -32%. I can’t believe 68% of Round Rock truely think spending a little extra on educating their children and giving them more to work with isn’t worth it. If the kids aren’t worth a little extra money, what is? They’ll spend money on their kids to wear high dollar clothes and drive (and wreck) expensive cars but to have the tools they might need to make learning more fun (in a world where everything has to be “fun” or it won’t get done by kids) or efficient (in a world where efficiency seems to be the demands) is a LUXURY????? I don’t understand!!! ARGH!!!


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  1. That sucks about the bond issue. And I know that the music programs in school distrcits usually get struck down before the athletic programs. If we don’t invest into our childrens opportunities, we will never be able to open new horizions for them.

    Don’t get me wrong, me playing sports in JR High and High School was great for my mind and body. I really came out of my shell, and individual sports was one part of that equation, the others being great parents, strong family and boy scouts.

    When opportunities to help children don’t make it to the playing field, it makes me upset and reafirmed in what I want to do for my own children. When issues like these come up, I’ll be sure to stand up for the school kids and give them their just needs. Sorry about The bond issue baby. I know it would have helped your program and that of the school.

  2. Exactly.

    Oh, and for those MANY of you that may not know what $350 million was slated for, we’re talking about building and furnishing 2 new elementary schools, a middle school and a new high school, buying new busses, upgrading school buildings that haven’t really been touched (except adding portables) since they were built and upgrading the technology and amount of access the kids would have. So $350 million may seem like a lot but it was all for things that are almost a necessecity in providing adequate education in this day & age. For more info on what was included in the bond, check out Project Yes 2005.

  3. Hi! I hope you don’t mind me commenting, but I wanted to ask:
    Do you know if anyone who lives in RRISD could have voted for this? I live in Travis Co. but am in RR’s school district.. I had no idea this was even up for vote! I’m so sad, I would have voted for it. 😦

  4. Hi Mon.
    No, I don’t mind you commenting at all! Welcome.

    Yes, if you live inside the RRISD boundaries, you can vote for RRISD bond issues, regardless of county. A lot of RRISD actually in Travis County, especially if you’re over there by Westwood HS (FM 620 & HWY 183). I couldn’t vote for the bond because I live on the PISD side of my neighborhood. 😦

  5. Hey girl–so I saw this on my office computer and thought I’d check it out. I here ya about the bond issue, but did you notice they wanted to spend 90 million of that on the high school? I find that portion a little excessive. I think if they would have broken it up, more people would have gone for some of the necessities. I’ve got to get me one of these!!!!

  6. Hey Crystal! Welcome to the world of Benford. It’s a small one. 😉

    Yeah, I noticed that $91 mil was slated for the new HS but if not all of it was needed, not all of it would be used. They just wanted to make sure that enough was set aside to help in some of the rebuilds of some campuses as well as building new schools…. Oh well, what’s done is done. I do agree that they needed to separate out some of these items onto their own bonds so it wouldn’t seem like one HUGE bond package for people to buy into….

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