Connie’s recovery

Yesterday was an interesting day. Len’s been here since Saturday night (wonderful!!!) and he had to leave yesterday morning (boo!!). I eventually got going and had breakfast and went to work out. After I got cleaned up, I headed out.

I stopped off at my folks’ house to pick up mail and drop off stuff then headed over to Seton Southwest Hospital to visit Connie. She’s just had hip replacement surgery. Before I stopped off at mom & dad’s house, I stopped at Central Market to pick up bulk chocolates & flowers (the chocolates were at her request). She was groggy from some anti-nausea medicine when I got there but she looked great as always. Frank was there but Sami was out and about, enjoying car time. She’d been on a liquid diet up until that point but I think she was gonna get some solids for dinner yesterday. Her physical therapist came by and they worked on walking for a while and that was very exciting to see. That morning, she had text messaged me to let me know she had walked (with walker & PT help) to the window and back. When I was there, the PT had her walking around the room and sitting in a chair, leg propped up. HUGE accomplishment for someone who had just had gotten a hip upgrade installed just over 24 hours before!!! I’m so excited for her. I haven’t heard from her today but I bet she’s running amuck around the hospital and they’re gonna have to chain her down to keep her from doing too much too fast.

On a wierd note, on the way from my parents’ house to the hospital, I was hit by a huge piece of plywood that had popped up from the truck in front of me but no damage was done to my car *whew*. On the way home, I made sure to look for that damn piece of plywood that became 3 pieces after it had hit my car. I cussed out every stinking piece!! HA.

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  1. Aw, I made a whole entry! I feel like a star:)
    Unfortunately the antinausea meds. turned on me and the next day was full of upchucking…no fun at all. But, I’m home now and walking as much as my wrists and hands can handle. My husband is a true prince and my daughter can be cajoled into bringing me smoothies for my sensitive tum. I loved having you visit, Cathy. ‘Twas a bit of sunshine in my day for sure. Thank you, lass.

    Connie Sullivan Miller

  2. Hey Connie, I’ve had two sisters who had that surgery, and they are much happier now that it’s been done. I will keep praying that your new bionic hip will make for a smooth transition into your new upbeat life. 🙂 I am so glad to hear that your care has been superb; it does make a difference within the transition period

    Sorry to hear about your road wood issues hun. Glad we don’t have that problem 😉 ahahahhaha

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