Insomniac Moment

Well, I can’t seem to get to sleep so I guess I’ll update.

Life has been quite nice this spring break. Len came and stayed for several days. I love the time we get to spend together but usually, it’s only a weekend (and sometimes only a day & a half or less) so this time together was very cherished. I found myself quite domestic this past week. I cooked, cleaned, laundried more often than I normally get to (barely once a week). My apartment hasn’t felt so refreshing! I think the cats are a bit freaked out. Between the spastic weather, my being home so much and Len being here, all the vaccuuming and washer/dryer commotion was more than they could handle. They’re sleeping hard tonight (wish I could).

I got to wash my car. Even though I’ve run my car through many car washes, I haven’t actually washed my car in months. I’d forgotten how white it could be! It even withstood the rain we got yesterday! The sunny days were well received in my apartment complex. Many people (me included) were out enjoying the splendors of the sun & time off. Overall, it’s been a happy place to live.

On Friday, Cathy (not talking about me in third person, btw) called to see if I wanted to hit 6th Street to see a band of a friend of hers so I got dressed and went. The band was okay…not really my style but it was nice to get out and hang with Cathy (again, my friend). After they were done, she was going country dancing with her friend Jay (who didn’t make it out to 6th to meet us) so I was going to go home. No sense trying to go country dancing when youyour dance partner isn’t in town. ANYWAYS, I was walking back to my car when I walk by a very familiar guy at the ATM machine. It was my friend Brad Saxon from high school. I hadn’t seen him since the 10 year reunion several years ago. We couldn’t believe 10 years out of high school had passed so fast already. We ended up going to Speakeasy together and to a happy surprise, the Scabs were playing. Bob Schneider looks like hell. Why did Sandra Bullock date him? Grungy rock stars are attractive to some, I guess. Turns out his sax player and I went to college and played in jazz band together, too. Wow, it was a small world kinda night. I got home way too late and my feet hurt like hell but it was a nice little spontaneous evening.

I worked on my taxes today. It was really not so bad. It certainly made me go through the horrible stack of unfiled papers I had on my desk to see if there was anything I could deduct in there. Lo and behold, there was!!! A receipt for $130 band videos. I knew it was somewhere. It rocks to be a band junkie by hobby and profession.

Well, that’s about all I have right now. I’m still not sleepy so I guess I’ll go find new sites to surf through as I chat on AIM (which I never do).


Had a shitty nights sleep to top off the insomnia. I think I kept waking up every hour feeling like I hadn’t fallen asleep yet. I know that tonight’s sleep is gonna start early and it’s gonna rock. I guess every cloud has that silver lining!