Easter Break

I had a wonderful Easter weekend! I had 4 days off so I decided to take the time to hang out in Houston with Len & his brother Joe. I was kind of a party pooper on Friday because I was so tired. Remember my insomnia on Sunday night a week ago? It really didn’t go away the rest of the week so I think I was suffering from some sleep deprevation. I had had 3 days that was around 14 hours at work as well so I was quite exhausted. Still, Len was quite the patient trooper and was absolutely wonderful with his understanding.

Saturday, Len had to work so I took care of a few bits of personal business and met Len for lunch. I finished my errands (how many can one really have in a town you don’t live in?) and hung out at their house. I studied my scores (we have a concert coming up in a few weeks) and waited for my man to come home (sounds like an old sappy country song, huh?). Then, Len, Joe & I went to eat dinner at Spanish Flower (YUMMY!!). I really hadn’t had too much time to spend getting to know Joe so this weekend was nice in that regard as well. We got back, watched Shrek 2 and chilled out.

On Sunday (HAPPY EASTER), we got up, went to church and stood. Even though the church was filled to standing room only and the lead trumpet player couldn’t stay in tune to save his life (or his paycheck), it was a nice service. Lots of kids in their fancy Easter dresses and families coming together to make time to spend time together. We drove around to see a closed Houston. Went back to the house and hung out and got ready to bar-b-que. The bar-b-que we made for dinner was fun & yummy! We watched The Red Violin with dinner and enjoyed our evening together.

On Monday, we worked out and hung out some more. In order to make the movie back in Austin, I had to leave Houston earlier than I had originally planned so we kept things simple.

Definitely another wonderful weekend together. (Sappy, I know. Get over it.) Just the break I needed!

One thought on “Easter Break”

  1. That was a great time baby! I had alot of fun and loved having you here. I wish i would have had the entire time off from work, but I was happy with the time spent. That meal was great! We have to bar-b-que more offten. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you next weekend. I think Joe’s birthday is going to a hoot. Not only that, but I’m looking forward to meeting the ladies which he hangs out with 🙂 MAuahahah I’m glad he’s getting out there. This should be fun babe, can’t wait till you get here for it.

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