Cathy & I went to see Sahara at the Paramount on Monday night. It was a full fledged red carpet premier! Matthew McConaughey did show up and he talked about the movie and how he got involved, etc before it started. Oh, One of the many great things about seeing a movie as a premier is there were NO previews or commercials or whatever else they show before the actual show. To hear & see a little of what he had to say, click on the link below.:

Yes Connie, Matthew McConaughey was very scruffy. He smacked on his gum and picked at his teeth with the toothpicks he had stashed behind each ear. Regardless of all this “hick”ness, he was still very cordial and thankful for everyone who came out to see his new movie. I think his family acted more “Hollywood” than he did. He definitely hid it better.

Now, about the movie. Very well made. Lots of great adventure. It was put together in a very “Indiana Jones” style. No, I’m not comparing it to any of those movies but it did have a similar style about it. Maybe it was all the sand and camels. All the characters were well cast. Steve Zahn’s character is probably my most favorite. Excellent comedic timing! I’m really bad about spoiling the storyline by telling too much so I’m not going to tell anything about the story. I really did enjoy the movie and would go to see it again if the opportunity came up. If you get the chance and like the Indiana Jones style adventure with good comedic timing, this movie, that opens on April 8, is for you. 4 stars out of 5

For all of you that are McConaughey fans that would like to see my up close & personal photos (I went a bit nuts with the camera but got some good shots), click on the picture below.

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