The Red Violin & Shrek 2

We watched 2 movies this weekend. Both very good.

First, The Red Violin is a story that takes you through the “life” of this violin that was built to be given to the violin maker’s unborn son. Tragedy occurs and the violin starts on a wild adventure. The odd voyage of this unique violin through history is explored from one episode to the next, from child prodigy to gypsies to Victorian virtuoso to a clandestine enclave of art lovers in Shanghai during the Cultural Revolution. Most actors in the movie are fairly unknown but Samuel L Jackson plays the role of the modern day instrument appraiser. (It didn’t dawn on me that it was him until it was pointed out.) Very well made, very well thought out. 4.5 stars out of 5.

Second, in Shrek 2, we continue the story of Shrek & Fiona as they return from their honeymoon. If you remember from the 1st Shrek, Prince Charming was supposed to save Fiona from the tallest tower of the tallest castle. So, whatever happened to him? Also, what about the King & Queen of the land “Far, Far Away”? How do they feel about their only daughter married to an ogre? How is it that Fiona is part ogre? All these are answered in Shrek 2. It’s a completely different movie to the first and enough time had passed that I wasn’t expecting to see anything specific from the first movie. 4 out of 5 stars.