Storm’s a brewin’

There’s a huge storm coming. Supposed to be golf ball to tennis ball sized hail in this storm. Damn me for having a garage full of crap so I can’t put my car in the garage. BOO!!

5 thoughts on “Storm’s a brewin’”

  1. Dammm I love being in storms!! Especially when caught outside in a tent out in the middle of no where 🙂 *w00t* Gore-Tex me first thogh hahaha

  2. I didn’t get hit by any hail so I got to enjoy the storm. Unless it hit again after I went to sleep. My poor car doesn’t need that type of torture.

  3. Storms RULE!! Especially being 50 miles out on my road bike when the sky gets super dark and the rain falls down so hard that it hurts . . mmmmmmm . .

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