Birthdays, Crawfish, Movies

Friday was Joe’s birthday. Len & Damon worked very hard to put together a very fun surprise party for him. Of course, it didn’t go over exactly as they’d planned but Joe was still VERY surprised and had a lot of fun! I had only known the overview of the plans for that night but periodically, I felt like the details weren’t working out so I improvised and filled in what seemed to be blanks and it seemed to help.
“You know what I love about Daylight Savings time? It’s 5 ’til 8 and the sun’s still up. Can you believe it?”
“OH, my friend Blanca was telling me the other day how Spanish Flowers was her favorite Mexican restaurant in Houston.”

Good times!!

Saturday, Len & I went to Galveston and hung out on the beach and watched the cruises take off. While there, I had an instinct to call Cheryl and it turned out she & Steve were having their annual crawfish boil. So, we headed out to Kingwood! They had plenty of food, beer, jello shots and hurriacanes. Wow, did I have quite a bit to drink, too. We met some interesting & wonderful people.

Sunday, Joe, Len and I headed out to see Sahara. It was still just as good the second time!

The drive home was utterly tiring so I’m going to head to bed. Long day tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Birthdays, Crawfish, Movies”

  1. Glad you came out baby, and I’m so happy you had a great time. These past few days have a been a blast! What’s really made me happy was hsaring such a great time with you bebeh.

    Thanks for helping me give Joe a great birthday.

  2. I hope that was just the kind of fun break to put a spring in your step and help you over the hurdles of the next few weeks. Sounds like way too much fun! Take care,

  3. It was a great time and I appreciate all of the effort by everyone involved. Thanks for coming to town to celebrate my b-day.

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