This weekend is the big band trip. We’re heading to Houston (yeah, yeah, I know; I go there all the time) to perform at Langham Creek HS on Friday then the rest of the weekend, is Astroworld, NASA and some other fun stuff. Of course, we’ll have around 200 people with us (mostly high school kids) but since I spend many fun hours with most of them, this trip shouldn’t be all that bad. Len’s going to join us…he gets to see how fun my crazy life can be! Some have said he’s very brave for coming on this trip….. He is jumping in head first but he’ll be alright. He’s braved well at the football games and other of my work activities he’s come to so I’m sure this will be fine. 😉

Today was exhausting!! Since we’re leaving for this trip tomorrow, the last minute stuff really did jump into my lap and I ended up spending more time in my car than I did in my office. And everywhere I went seemed to have unusually backed up traffic. Luckily, everywhere I had to go had many side streets I could take so I did. If not, I might be still out trying to accomplish the first of the many errands I had to run today!!

Hope everyone has a fun and relaxing weekend. If you get to have a few drinks, drink one for Len and two for me.

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