MAY 20, 2005. The countdown begins!

Today is May 3. We are now 3 days into my birthday month!!! Including today (thanks to online shopping) you have 18 shopping days until my birthday. Now, you folks who live out of town will have to make sure to leave time for shipping.

If you haven’t guessed, I LOVE my birthday. I think it should be a national holiday. I don’t even mind getting older! Some folks think that’s wierd but a few agree with me about the way a birthday should be celebrated. Either way, I LOVE my birthday!!!! This year, I’ll be 32 years old. I remember when I thought I’d never reach 32! Funny how our young minds work.

The one thing I’m not absolutely excited about is I have to work on my birthday. Not just your average every day work day (what exactly is that, by the way?) but I have one of my extra long, almost 2 day long work days that day. We have our band banquet on my birthday. On one hand, it’s a fun idea knowing I’ll celebrate the big day with all my students and their parents. On the other hand, I have to work from 7:30 or 8:00 am until 11:00 or midnight that night. That’s a long day…and I don’t even get to have a birthday drink until the next day. Boo! Another time Piojo will have to drink 8 for me.

So, enough with the negative, let’s get to talking about the positive. I don’t know if I’m going to have a big party but I certainly want to celebrate. If you’re going to be in the Austin area that weekend (May 20 is a Friday), let me know. Saturday, we can go for drinks or something. I’m not feeling a need to drag home stinking drunk and pass out on the way home, like I did last year (thank you Cathy T for taking care of me!!), just an outing with maybe some dinner, drinks & dancing. Let me know if you can come! Presents are nice but optional. I’ve got a “Wish List” at 😉

2 thoughts on “MAY 20, 2005. The countdown begins!”

  1. S w e e t!!! How about a link to your wish list on Amazon baby!

    As for the birthday work day, don’t worry your pretty head about it to to much something that you don’t have to much control over, it’s all good. You will be able to sleep as long as you want on Sat morning and party all day only to sleep all day long on Sunday. 🙂 I definately can help out with that

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