BOO!!! Couldn’t go a year driving to and from Houston without getting a ticket. And it’s been YEARS since my last one, too. Thank goodness I haven’t taken defensive driving lately!

4 thoughts on “BUSTED!!!”

  1. So, let me guess where you got it…somewhere between Bastrop and La Grange perhaps?
    Do the Defensive Driving online and save yourself some time. It’s easy and you can take a break pretty much whenever you like.

  2. Sorry to hear about that. The temptation to speed is always present when driving around Texas, what with all our long open roads. Where did you get stopped? There’s a very good chance that if you fight it and show up in court the officer won’t even appear to contest it and it’ll be thrown out. Of course, that doesn’t help much if you got ticketed just outside of Houston or somewhere else far from where you live.

  3. It was a local constable in Bastrop County just outside of Elgin on HWY 290. It was less than 35 miles away from home. :\ 10 months of driving back and forth and this was the first time I’d ever seen any cops on that road. I think I saw 10 between Austin and Houston on Friday. They were all going towards Austin, not too far behind the many packs of motorcyclists heading to the Heart of Texas Rally this weekend, I’m sure. I’ll take defensive driving this summer somehow…thank goodness we’re not smack in the middle of marching band/football season!!!

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