What a day this has been!

Whew! What a day…

I started the day by going to my semi-annual denist appointment. I need to floss a bit more regularly (what else is new?) but other than that, good report. 😀

Went into the office. The kids have put the calendars together and they’re almost ready to mail out. We’ll get them out in tomorrow’s mail. Major bonus. I didn’t get to do much — when I got there, it was after 11am and we were going to close the offices at noon because of the funeral.

So, I went to find lunch. Decided on McDonald’s Cobb Salad. It’s pretty yummy. It’s got a few more things than my body needs but since it’s mostly veggies, I’m figuring I’m doing pretty good by eating that instead of McSomething else.

I went back to the office, ate my salad, got changed and headed to the funeral. Don Michael Vachon was a wonderful man. I didn’t know him well personally but I’ve taught his son Andrew for 3 years and his character says a lot for his parents. His obituary says:
“Don Michael (Mike) Vachon, 58, of Round Rock passed away peacefully on June 3, 2005, with his wife at his side, after a valiant 10-month battle with colon cancer. Mike now joins his father, Don J. Vachon, and sister, Terri Lynn Vachon, in the arms of the Lord.

Mike was born on Jan. 17, 1947, in Austin and although had an opportunity to live in several locations across the U.S. and abroad, spent most of his childhood years in the Texas Panhandle.

A multiple sport athlete, Mike spent countless hours on the ball fields or golf course. After graduation from Palo Duro High School in Amarillo Mike felt honored to play football for his beloved Oklahoma Sooners. His four field goals kicked against the University of Texas in the 1966 Red River Shootout game still stand in the OU record book. Mike’s fondest times were spent with family, friends and teammates. “

It was a lovely ceremony. Mr. Vachon made a point to plan the entire ceremony, which made it much easier on his family. Many people paid their respects and sent flowers.

After, I came home and put together the new litterbox for the grande cats. Pfema took to it quite quickly. I had to run some extension cords to make a convenient plug for it and I had forgotten to switch on the power strip. Poor Stanley was in the thing when I flipped the switch (I wasn’t looking at the litterbox) and it turned on on him as he was trying to use his facilities. I’m not sure if he’ll explore the new box for a while. We’ll see. Then, I brushed down the cats. They’re not only fat, they’re shedding like crazy right now, too!

So, that’s it. I’ve gotta vaccuum, get my car inspected, do some laundry and think about what I want to take (and eliminate what I don’t need to take) on vacation next week. Len & I are going to spend a few days in Fredricksburg then climbing Enchanted Rock then camping at Inks Lake. I’m very excited!!