Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Not a bad movie. I got to see it this morning with my friend Cathy (not talking about myself in the third person). I’m not really a big Brad Pitt fan nor am I an Angelina Jolie fan but it didn’t deter from the movie itself. You guys all know the main plot, right? Cute suburban couple seem to live normal lives, but each has a huge secret — both hired assassins. They’ve managed to keep these secrets from everyone…even from each other. There are a few twists in there and I found myself second guessing things that seemed obvious in the plot. The action scenes are pretty bad ass, too. Pitt & Jolie do have good chemistry together, too. I’d see it again.
3.5 out of 5 stars.

2 thoughts on “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”

  1. I don’t really have an interest in seeing this movie aside from checking out Angelina Jolie. Damn! That woman is fine! lol

  2. I really didn’t think I’d want to see it, either but since Cathy asked, and it was early enough to only pay matinee prices, I went ahead and went. Like I said, it wasn’t bad. I wouldn’t make a point to see it again, just if someone wanted me to go with them, I probably would. But only once…

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