Power anyone?

About a week and a half ago, my dad tells me he needs a new video card. I’m still not sure exactly why he needs one — the reason has escaped me in this adventure I’m about to tell. Well, I agreed to help him find the video card at Fry’s and install it. How hard could this be? I’ve built my own computer (with some friend walking me through as I find the one different place I get stuck in each time) and installed network cards and other parts in others! We go to Fry’s and find the card that fits his price range and need. The one thing I didn’t notice until we got home was that it was a PCI card, but once I thought about it, I realized it shouldn’t make too big of a difference.

So, Sunday, I went to install it only to find that my dad has already done most of the work. He’s an electrical engineer and I remember he told me about building IBM Compatibles back before they were penned “PCs”. He did exactly what needed to be done but the computer just wasn’t booting up all the way. I sat down and went into the BIOS to find that there were a few options I could logically change so that it should make the thing work. Except, the computer kept freezing on me. Ok, go to the manual for the new card. Maybe it will tell me what’s wrong. Not enough juice in the power supply. It stuck in my head but I disregarded it because I figured if the power supply was below the recommended 350 watts, the whole computer just wouldn’t work correctly with the components it had in it. Continued to troubleshoot but to no avail. Windows just wouldn’t load up, even in safe mode. My next idea was to install from CD but we didn’t have a Windows CD at his house. 😦

Hmmm…who could help me? Ah hah! Krez!!! Left him a message but I was out of time to work on the computer for that night. I had to meet Allison to see “Chicago”!

Okay, so Tuesday, I go back to the house to finish this thing up, only to find that the power supply is only 250 Watts! Who would have thunk it? AND, the stores we try in South Austin (and they check with their other stores) and there are NO 350-400 Watt power supplies to be found within our price range ($40-50). It’s like the milk & bananas last week. A run on computer power supplies!!!

Today, I go to Frys and find a power supply — the right wattage and price! I’ve installed it and my problems are still not going away!!! Grrr…. Technology! *rolls eyes* I’ll figure this out. I just need some time & patience. I wasn’t going to find that today, that’s for sure. I’m just beat today.

6 thoughts on “Power anyone?”

  1. Sorry Cathy I got in a bit late…Hmmm, power supply didn’t do it, hugh? Well it sure needed it if all you had was a 250w, but…. So it still freezes in the CMOS even? If so that’s not good only a few things are usually related to that, power, memory or motherboard (ugggg!) and we already ruled out the power. If you can still get into the CMOS long enough go ahead and try to use the “reset to bios default” (something like that..) I don’t usually encourage that, but the ideas are running thin. =o/

  2. Speaking of bananas, you know how people say eat bananas and you won’t get cramps in your legs? Well, I only get cramps in my legs after eating bananas. That shit is bananas.

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