Band is life, life is band (this week).

Wow, what a weekend it’s been! Friday, we didn’t have a football game because of the UIL 5 day rule and our opponent’s game this past Monday. The game got moved to Saturday at NOON but of course, we had a contest in Brenham at 10 am so that caused a bit of rushing around but it turned out to be just fine because we got there during the 3rd quarter to watch the team WIN THE FOOTBALL GAME!!!!! Go Tigers!!!!!!!

Cathy came up and went to eat with some of the band folks and that was fun. Today is the annual Sunday staff meeting after Blinn to decide what we can work on this week befor our last two contests next week. We are so close to getting a 1st Division at UIL that I can taste it. I hope the weather holds up this week and doesn’t rain out our rehearsals. We’ve got so many great people coming out to help…..

3 thoughts on “Band is life, life is band (this week).”

  1. Wow, sounds like alot of stuff…I on the other hand sat on my ass…twas’ nice! LOL So what ended up being the “final” result with the computer?

  2. The computer is still being worked on. Apparently, there is a 2nd hard drive that doesn’t work right that’s still installed in there. IT was what was causing Windows to be screwy or something. So, dad’s going to take that out and try to reinstall Windows and everything…. I’ll probably get the computer back next weekend and work on it after UIL is over next Tuesday. Either that or he’ll call Computer Nerds or someone to come over and fix it. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Windows or Office CD that any professional will actually install on his computer for him around. So, I’ll get the computer back next week and get it all fixed. LOL!! I’m sure you’ll get a call…even if it ISN’T about all this…next week sometime. 🙂

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