The Rain in Spain….

It rained today, just as I got home. It felt good to walk in the rain. I hated that I had all my stuff ’cause even though my stuff is in their bags, they can still get wet and I didn’t want that to happen. I just wanted to dance in the rain. It felt so good with it falling on my face & body, almost cleansing away all that’s happened lately. I just wish it was cooler rain but we can’t have it all, huh?

Today, I was beat. I’m not too sure why, I got home after the booster meeting, ate and went to bed by 10 pm. I’m really glad that today was an early release day. Maybe the rushed feeling of an early release day helped to ’cause the exhaustion. Then again, I’ve been living on the verge of exhaustion for over a month now. It’s almost unavoidable for me this time of year. I’m just glad that my mom’s a massage therapist. Between the massages & wonderful talks, she can help ease the body aches I seem to experience with all the stress and exhaustion.

Only one more week until UIL Region Marching Contest. For this fall, this year, this is the big culminating event. If you’re in the North Austin area next Tuesday evening, around 8:45, please consider coming out and support the Stony Point HS Band. We actually perform at 8:45 pm so you’d have to be in the stands before then. If you’d like more details and/or directions, please feel free to comment or email me. We have a pretty fun show and would love all the audience support we can find.

2 thoughts on “The Rain in Spain….”

  1. i totally want to go! i love band stuff – it brings back memories from my olden days. especially watching the drumlines! do colorguards up here use rifles and sabres?

  2. Walking in the rain is the best … right up until the cop catches me swinging around a light pole doing by best Gene Kelly imitation. Come on with the rain, I’ve a smile on my face!!

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