7 thoughts on “Red Number Day!”

  1. Words cannot express my pride and pleasure in seeing that “1” on your blog. Congratulations to Stony Point for an awesome job and congrats to you, Cathy, for bringing them there! See ya this weekend and we can raise a toast!

  2. Sorry ’bout the Big Red One comment earlier. Truly, congratulations to all for such an effort. The hard work and long hours paid off!! Wish I could be there to raise a glass with ya this weekend! Enjoy!!

  3. Hmmm, i’m not sure about that but if it is anything like A RED LETTER DAY…All I can say is “the dolphins are in the jacuzzi.” ;o)

    * By the way Cathy I just got in (parents in town) so I just got your message…I figured it was too late to call you back, so ill buzz tomorrow.

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