Frank’s birthday camping trip

Camping with Connie, Frank, Sami, Veronica, Madeline and their family friends was so much fun. I wish I could have gone for longer than just one night!! Happy birthday to Frank, too! What a great way to celebrate your birthday…camping with several of your close family friends. Inks Lake is so beautiful, too. Those girls were cracking me up last night. How many of my kids is Joel supposed to have again, Sami??? LOL!!! And what about that tiny bird throwing that huge stick at us? And the squirrels throwing the acorns at the baby? Too much fun. Can’t wait for next year!

4 thoughts on “Frank’s birthday camping trip”

  1. God how I miss camping! Thats one activity I’m gettirg ready to start up again. Glad to hear it was a great time. Inks Lake is a beautiful place to camp, on place I plan to go back too!

  2. Cool! Well as soon as I get my site back up I plan to re-post an entry I did along time ago on Albert’s site – yeah of course I didn’t save it =o( I thought it would be great to get a large group of people together every three months or so to go on camping trips somewhere in Texas (long weekend sort of thing.) If you missed one you would always know that three months later there would be another one…plus hopefully the group would grow (friends, etc..) before long it would be a big caravan sort of thing! I think it could be one hell of a fun thing to do. Anyhow one place on my list to camp at is a place I used to go to while growing up, all the damn time! It has loads of bike (Piojo) and hiking trails and beautiful spring waterfalls…the place just kicks ass! Hopefully I can get my website up soon, now that I’m getting my free time back and I can do a full post on this. =o) Well the name of the place is Krause Springs; check out the following link (something like 4 or 5 pages of photos of the camp grounds. =o)

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