Two week recap

The last two weeks have been quite fun. Work has been fairly normal but I’ve been out and about a bit lately. I guess we start with two weeks ago when I went to the Tx State football game. Skip & I went, hung out for the first time in forever and the Bobcats WON!!! From there, I went to San Antonio (not planned) for the Bands of America Super Regionals to watch Sami march her last BOA and they came in 2nd place! Very successful and fun day.

Sunday, I went with Allison and her family to see Movin’ Out. What a wonderful display of how music and dance can tell so much of a story. None of the dancers spoke and the entire story was told through Billy Joel’s hits and the dancing, which was choreographed by Twyla Tharp. I love musicals!!

From there, the week continued with normal work stuff and on Thursday, I went to the UT Wind Ensemble concert. It was WONDERFUL!! Right now, the UT Wind Ensemble is a world class performing group and they are premiering new pieces as well as performing classics and everything in between and it is all so well done. It was also cool because I saw several people I hadn’t seen in a while. We went to Chuy’s on campus and had some food and drinks and caught up. I also got to meet some new folks as well. Always a good time.

Saturday, more football! From someone that doesn’t much care for football, I sure have been voluntarily going to quite a few football games. But this one was different. I went to the UT vs. Kansas game to see old friends and surprise them. My college band director is now working at the University of Kansas as the Director of Athletic Bands and he was bringing his band to the game. What is even more cool is that his wife is on staff with the band and now his son, who I used to babysit when he was 5, is now 18 and marching baritone in the Jayhawk Band!! I saw him for a smidge this summer but really didn’t get a chance to chat with him. When I first met the Hudsons, I was 19 and marching in the college band at SWT. Now, he’s 18 and marching in the college band at KU! What a wonderful time watching him grow up. When the Hudsons left Texas, Aaron was just starting high school and I wasn’t getting to see him much. I was already working in Round Rock and didn’t have a lot of time to come to San Marcos. When I saw him on that Saturday, it was so wonderful for both of us. I watched them rehearse and then got to sit with the band at the game. Hearing Hudson’s voice, having Denise on the sideline and the music just took me right back to my old college days.

The Thursday before this, when I met some new folks at Trudy’s, one of them happened to be Dr. John Lynch, the Director of Bands at KU. I talked to him for a bit at the game about going to study conducting with him and he seems like someone I could study with. I’m keeping my options open on where I go still, though. It’s still a good 4 or 5 years in my future, I think.

So after all that, I started to get sick. I think all the ups and downs on this fall finally just caught up with me. I stayed home on Tuesday & Wednesday this week and really didn’t do anything but sleep. I really needed it, I guess.

That brings us up to yesterday & today. Last night was the annual band lock-in. The kids had a lot of fun and I mostly hung out with the parents in the cafeteria and made due until about 2 am. That was when I finally went to find my Aerobed all ready to go in a quiet practice room and crashed out. I slept until 6am when it was time to start cleaning up. I’m so glad I slept! I came home and slept again and tonight, I get to hang ut with my best friend Cathy.

So that’s it. It all may not be normal, but it’s all mine, right?