YAY for oozing!

Krez told me to let the Christmas Spirit ooze. I love ooozing with Christmas Spirit! I’ve decorated a little around here and am listening to lots of Christmas music. We’re gonna take the band kiddos caroling tonight then I’m heading to Mon & Sam’s party. I can’t make it Connie’s or Sarah’s tonight but I’ll definitely have to get together with them soon. Tomorrow is Brian’s birthday party. I think that should be really fun! Wednesday is a happy hour evening with Cathy and Stephanie. Before I know it, I’m going to be looking for work to be my down time! Advice taken, huh? 😉

Oh yeah, today’s comic:

Dad's Glasses

3 thoughts on “YAY for oozing!”

  1. Sounds like a full weekend of uber goodness! ;o) Hey I plan to have my site back up soon, I’m working on it already…Soon! Muuuahahahaha. BTW, Calvin & Hobbs, ROCK!!

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