The weekend and more ‘toons

This weekend was a lot of fun! We got a great reception from the community (and $45 in donations) from our Christmas Caroling. My favorite part was going to the firehouses. They were definitely the most appreciative and also the firemen were HOT! The band mom that set up the schedule made sure she scheduled in 3 firehouses just for me. What a great Christmas gift!! 😉 The after party one of the families hosted was a lot of fun as well. There was so much food (all made by various band parents) and the kids were having a great time playing games and hanging out.

Sunday, I spent the day helping Kelly get things ready for Brian’s birthday bash. Brian spent the day not feeling well. We were kinda worried that he’d be miserable and not have a good time at his own 40th birthday party. Low and behold, once folks started showing up, he pepped up right away! I became designated bartender as soon as Jerry and Diane (Brian’s parents) got there and everyone had smiles on their faces. I knew I should have gotten a bartending job somewhere in my college life. The gumbo that Kelly made was wonderful, the people had a lot of fun and Brian had a great kick into his 40th year.

Today, I went Christmas shopping. I found most of the things I was looking for but it wiped me out! While I was at the mall, I stopped and saw Sami and got to talk to my sister quite bit. Eventually, we’ll find the perfect gift for our dad. 🙂

Well, since I was gone all day yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to post a cartoon so y’all get two today! BONUS!!! They really should be kept together, anyways. Enjoy.

Psychotic Snowmen 1

Psychotic Snowmen 1

2 thoughts on “The weekend and more ‘toons”

  1. HAHAHAHA! Damn I know what I need to do…I need to get myself another Calvin and Hobbes book, those are just too good! His whole Snow series is wonderful. Thanks C, and keep them coming! Double thanks for the quick re-link. ;o)

    Here is one good one to add to your list…Hehehe

    if image doesn’t show:

  2. Hey, they just put out a commemorative edition of the WHOLE COLLECTION! It’s in a really nicely bound book and I think every C&H cartoon drawn is in it. There’s also forward that explains where C&H came from and everything. Kinda pricey but worth it from what I’ve heard.

    No prob on the quick re-link. I’ve missed your blogging!

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