January Wrap-up

January was certainly a very hard month. Thing is, I had trying moments but didn’t realize how much of that was adding up inside until this past week. The month finally took toll and I came very close to crashing down this past week. I’m glad it’s all over.

This morning, I went to San Marcos to support my student Danny in his auditions at Texas State. It was so nice to be back in San Marcos again. There is something very calm and comforting about that town for me. I think Danny did very well (from what I heard through the door) in his auditions and I wish him the best. The Sound Recording Technology program has always intrigued me but I never took the time until recently to start understanding how easy it’s become. Maybe he can come back and share with me what he learns….

TMEA is in about a week and a half. I’m really looking forward to going. I always get so much from the seminars I go to and I love seeing all my friends. I think I’ll have to take some time during the College Night (if there’s nothing urgent and pressing going on at the same time) there to look into different grad school programs. Going to grad school is still a few years down the road but not something I want to miss out on.

This year is flying by. I can’t believe we’re already at Solo & Ensemble contest. I have to finish picking music for Concert & Sightreading and PRAY that a good chunk of Concert Band stays eligible this six weeks. Getting them back at progress report seems like something that really doesn’t happen…. How depressing. Okay, can’t think about that…..