5 thoughts on “Superbowl Commercials”

  1. I agree the FedEx commercial was the best. You knew that the small dinosaur was gonna get kicked, but the final squish was unexpected and hilarious!! Great job!!

  2. YES! This one and the fly were the best. Was it me, or was advertising lacking in the creativity department this year? those were the only two really really good ones that I remember..

  3. Okay, so I enjoyed the Michelob Amber commercial, where a woman’s playing touch football with the guys and then a random guy tackles the begeezus out of her and talks smack. *Shrug* i’m a guy. Also enjoyed the Nationwide marriage proposal at the beach (again, i’m a guy). FedEx did a great job, though.

    Here’s a google list of them: http://video.google.com/superbowl.html

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