Back and forth and back again…

I’m going to stop posting about this house thing until I get more ‘concrete’ details about the foundation issue. I’ve got a foundation guy coming out to give me an estimate on Monday. I have to decide to go forth with the deal or back out completely by the end of Tuesday. I’ll probably update about everything after that.

Next two weeks will be soooooo busy. I have the big contest (UIL Concert & Sightreading) on April 5 and we leave for our Spring Trip (we’re going to Dallas) on Friday. Once we get back from that, thing should settle down for about 15 minutes before we’re off and running again for the end of the year!!

Birthday’s a comin’. May 20. I’m having a party…house or no house. Plan on a trip to ATX!!

2 thoughts on “Back and forth and back again…”

  1. Good luck working on UIL this week and next. Just help them keep their eyes on the prize and they’ll work their butts off for you. We all need a cheerleader in our corner:-) Loveya!

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