And the search officially continues….

I got estimates back on potential foundation work and one from a general contractor on the house I was looking at. With these two items combined (not to mention the unknown after the foundation work is done), I’ve decided to terminate my offer and keep on lookin’. I was kicking around maybe seeing if the current owner would pay for the foundation repair (and have it done by closing) and also pay for part of my closing as credit towards the other repairs necessary to the house but being that all that would end up costing close to (or over, depending on what other repairs the foundation would cause) $20,000. Yup, that’s 4 zeros you see there. Not worth it, seeing as we negotiated the selling price at $126,200. The search continues but not until after contest & the trip next week.

I’m so stessed out right now, I don’t know what to do. Knowing now what I do and terminating the offer on this house has certainly taking some of it off my shoulders but my rehearsals are getting more and more stressful and the students are becoming less and less cooperative daily. Maybe they don’t want the same things as I do. If they don’t want to take every opportunity to be successful at any level, maybe I don’t want to work with them. I know, it sounds harsh but I bust my butt doing all I do to help the program grow. It has grown and it is getting better but everytime we think it’s ready to go the next step, we just hit the tallest, thickest brick wall. Sounds like my past relationships…maybe it’s a sign! No house, no relationship, nothing but beating my head on a wall at work…grad school, here I come!!! No, I am going to wait at least 3 more years before that decision happens.

Well, another long day awaits me tomorrow so I’m off to bed.

3 thoughts on “And the search officially continues….”

  1. Well, I’m glad that one thing has been resolved! I’m sure you’ll find something even better. Don’t feel discouraged! 🙂

  2. I agree with monski Cathy, doon’t give up! I searched 26 homes, went through 3 different offers, got scammed once until finally getting my home. To top it off, it was the first house I looked at. As for the relationship..I say to hell with those. Being single is not bad, it’s the adjusting that takes time.

  3. Thanks Ana. And, in all honesty, after looking at the guys I’ve dated and what kind of people they really are, I’ve decided that dating is the last thing I need to be messing with or worried about right now!! I already teach high school kids…I don’t need to be dating any “adult” that insists on acting like one!

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