A Non-House Post!!!

I have NO idea what I’m doing up at this time! I was having a great night’s sleep – having good dreams that I don’t really remember – when all of a sudden, I was awake and couldn’t fall back to sleep. 😦 So, I get up (the cats followed – the loyalty) and watch a little TV since I found the episode of Top Chef I hadn’t seen yet on Bravo. I’m really enjoying that show! So, I watched the entire episode and in the last 5 minutes, as they’re about to kick another person off, leaving just two to remain, the show switches and it’s all of a sudden the end of some Gunthy Renker paid program!!! ARGH!!!!

Banquet is today. It’ll be quite emotional since I’ve been with this group of seniors since their freshman year. Yes, it’s my first set of seniors that are graduating this year. I have a feeling I’m going to need a box of tissues at my seat at banquet as well as graduation. This has been a great group of kids who have really made big changes for the better during their time at SPHS and I’m going to miss them dearly.

My title says I’m not posting about the house so I won’t tell you that I now have cable & internet hooked up so I’m really ready to start moving in. Guess I’ve gotta pack first.

Can’t wait to see The Da Vinci Code. I think I’m going to have to wait for a few days until I can see it but thank goodness it’s summer. I can find some daytime to go see it and at a less expensive rate. I loved the book – the drama and suspense was excellent. All these people all in a huff about it’s contents is ridiculous, though. These folks need to remember it’s FICTION – which is a book not based on truth. Will it make people read more? Probably so. That’s what excites me. Lord knows, too many people just refuse to read books and are so flat in personality because of it!!

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  1. Oh Yeah, I can’t wait to see the Da Vinci Code. I think we are going to take the girls (nieces) tomorrow. =oP Yes having the internet makes it safe to move now, Cath. ;o)

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