Post Party Wrap Up

What a fantastic party! I’m so glad the folks who could make it out did. I hope you had a great time!

Thanks to Patrick, Anthony, Trish and the other folks at Merkaba Bar & Grill for letting me have the party there, despite the fact they aren’t open yet. I’ll let everyone know when it opens so we can go there and hang. Steve was saying that it’s going to start being our new happy hour place…when we ever get to go. Fine by me. It’s beautiful!

To all those folks who couldn’t make it out, too bad. You missed some fun times. Pictures to come.

Time to start packing! Next party – June 10, my new house!!!!

3 thoughts on “Post Party Wrap Up”

  1. Wow, an exclusive venue and all. That’s star power! Sorry we couldn’t make it out, but here are happy belated good vibes at ya. 🙂

  2. Trashed and cheese…doesn’t sound like a good combo. There’s another one (and plenty more, I’m sure) to come!

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