Oh my, it’s hot enough out that I can change my theme to a fun summer theme. Maybe that’ll help keep things cool. I also changed the theme because all my posts were showing up at the bottom of the left side bar using Microsoft Internet Explorer. Damn those Microsoft products….

Moving is stressing me out a smidge. I have a lot of little things that always make packing very difficult. I’ve gotten quite a bit done, however and I think I’ll be all ready for the movers to come move all the big stuff on Saturday. The thing that’s the hardest (other than packing all the little things) part of all this is getting all the stuff down THREE flights of stairs by myself. I feel like I’ve made 100+ trips up & down those stairs already since Sunday!!

I have been able to stop and unpack a few things in the kitchen in the house. It feels good because I get moments of accomplishment as I go. I’m also getting a good idea of where I really want things in that kitchen. I might actually fill it up pretty soon! I’ve always had plenty of kitchen things, though. Hell, I’ve always had plenty of lots of things!

On that note, I’d like to report I’ve been throwing out quite a few things as I’ve caught the need. It’s definitely difficult to stop to sort & throw out things when you’re in a hurry to get it all packed. It’s also very hard to pack more when all the room in the apartment is starting to get filled with boxes…but the climb down with each & every box is what’s killing me!! I think a few trusted kids are going to come by tomorrow and help me get the stuff down to the garage, which is now fairly empty.

Have I started staying in the house yet? Nope. I’d planned on starting to stay there tonight but I haven’t turned on the hot water heater nor gotten the pilots on the stove/oven lit yet. Although I’m sure those aren’t difficult to do, and I’m going to do it myself, I’d rather have someone who has done it before watching over my shoulder, just in case. I think my dad is going to help me with that tomorrow.

Alrighty, that’s it for now. I hope all your lives are going well. I know you guys have been having your own sets of adventures and I’m glad to slowly but surely be hearing/reading all about them.

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  1. So Cath how did your first night go in your new house? I heard there were a few Chip-n-Dales living in the house next to ya, so… ;oP

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