A Trip to New Home Mecca

I’ve been looking for a new desk for my office and I’ve really had not much luck. I wanted a desk that was sleek but not industrial. I actually had found one at Office Depot online that I went to look at in the store to find that “Yuck no thank you,” was my immediate reaction. Cathy suggested that we go to IKEA so yesterday, we made the trip to the Mecca of furniture and other household stuff. There’s quite a few different rooms we went through before we got to the office furniture section and I found quite a few things I’ve put on my wish list for future trips or web shopping or even when the Round Rock store opens in 2007 and I think so did Cathy.

We entered the office furniture section and there it was:

We walked around the desk area a bit more, just to make sure but yup, that one was it…and, it was in stock!! So I wrote down the aisle/bin numbers and we moved to the next section – bedrooms.

I have never really had proper bedroom furniture and now that I own this house, I’d really like something a bit more adult-like. I’d really like my bedroom to have a Japanese feel and I think my mom is going to arrange for her mom’s dresser to be shipped here, if my cousin isn’t using it. How cool would that be??? I think I found the bed I want as well:

IKEA doesn’t have the highest quality of furniture but I really like the sleek lines and simplicity in their furniture and it’s not crap. I walked through Ashley Furniture the other day and everything was just so ornate and trendy. I couldn’t imagine spending that much money for something I’d be sick of so quickly. Oh well. So, I think the will be my next big purchase.

Coming home was quite an adventure itself. After measuring and trying to fit the desktop in the Honda at different angles and even some nice man offered to put it in his pickup if we were going to the same area he was (turns out Austin wasn’t quite his destination), we decided that I was going to have to ship it home, or so I thought. I took the desktop back inside only to be told that having it delivered would cost me $175 after tax!!! But, they could easily tie it to the roof of my car and it would be fine. “To Austin?” I said. “No problem, we just stacked a bunch of boxes on top of a car that was going to Mexico. There was a couch we strapped on top of a car last night.” Okay, so I let him strap it to the top of the Honda. I trusted him only because he was Asian 😉 ….

I’ll have to say that I’m very impressed how well he strapped it. That sucker didn’t move!

Such a fun trip…I just can’t wait until they open the IKEA here! I might need to start a savings account just for that grand opening!

4 thoughts on “A Trip to New Home Mecca”

  1. You should check out the beds at Eurway, also.. they have one that is similar. Its probably a little more expensive but so far I’ve thought of it being a “convenience fee.” 😛 Yay, we get to see the house this weekend!!

  2. When people start using words like “Mecca” to describe a store, I get all sweaty about the prospect of shopping there and draining my bank account! Therefore, I will avoid the new IKEA store like the plague when it opens next year.

    A nice, smaller alternative to IKEA, right here in Austin on Anderson Lane & Burnet Rd., is Urban Living. Nice, clean lines and low price tags. We got Sami’s bed there, a livingroom lamp that I just adore, and a wall mirror.
    Some of it reminds me of the furniture style that I grew up with, but then my parents’ furniture and I were both products of the mid-century;-)

  3. I second the Urban Living recommendation. That’s where we found the black pseudo-lazyboy chair i’m always on when you come over (after shopping 20+ other places for *the perfect* chair). Ikea’s prices beat it hands down, but UL has unique pieces if you have something particular in mind.

  4. bean bag chairs are bad for your back.

    hammocks are great and cheap alternatives to beds, but they too are bad for your back.

    you should have 2 hammocks in your guest room, and instead of a rug, use a twister mat.

    but congrats with your new house. stop asking for advice and do something totally unique and all you. that way when someone comes in and is like WOW, you can be like, yeah, thats all me, baby.

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