The housewarming shin-dig

Well, since Connie and Monica have posted about my party already, maybe I should as well! I’d post pictures of people and things about my party but since I didn’t actually designate anyone to take pics, they didn’t happen. Oh well. Actually, Daniel Montoya has one picture (of my computer & desk for John Mackey) and I’m sure he’ll post that to his blog when he’s done watching movies and is ready to write his wrap-up of my party.

So, the party was GREAT! About 30 or so folks came by and we all ate, drank and had great conversation. I didn’t get to sit and talk to any one person (or group of people) for very long but gave many tours of the house – thank you all for all your compliments – and watched that indeed, my house does have a nice flow for company. It felt very good to have all my friends over, enjoying themselves.

My friends were also very generous with their gift giving. I know people bring gifts to housewarmings but honestly, all I really wanted was for folks to come by and have fun at my new home – mi casa es su casa. I did take some pics today of things I’ve received so here they are:

The braided hibiscus from Debbie & Suzi:
Hibiscus - Debbie & Suzi A yellow flower!!

The hanging vinca from Pam:
Vinca - Pam

Cool cards from everyone, some with gift cards inside!
Cool cards - some with gift cards inside.  :)

Lots of wine & liquor!! There are even more bottles in the fridge….
Lots of liquor!

And, from the Millers’, Lemons in a Copper Bowl by Connie Miller (C. Miller):
Lemons in Copper Bowl - C. Miller

I’m guessing that I, the master of all avoidance of writing Thank You cards, should probably not avoid it this time around. I’ve always been bad about doing them. Now that I’m an adult and with house, I should probably not be bad about this anymore, huh? Okay, to find stationary and just do it. Some folks (Montoya brothers, Lomelis & friends, etc.), I don’t think I have your address. Please email me with it ( so I can send out cards properly. I did find that Evite allows me to send out global Thank Yous (which I did) but I’d still like to take a moment to write out cards.

Well, the clean up process is about done. I still have all the bottles and such recycling to take to the garage for recycling on Tuesday. There are lots of bottles to be recycled!!


Also, on a house specific note, I have three crepe myrtles in the back yard and one in the front. Two have started blooming today! I’m very excited…I love the colors so far!

Large tree in back Smallest tree of the collection

Don’t you love my backyard neighbors? No neighbors, actually. Just a big water tower and some other type of tower that my mom’s worried is going to radiate me.

Pfema wants out

And, in true John Mackey style (we all have to copy a great photo blog a little, huh?), here is my cat Pfema. He wants to come out and check out the new flowers as well!

Thank you all so much for helping make my house feel like home. It’s great to have you all around and I’d like to keep it up. To all those that missed the party, you missed a great one, but there will be others and you will be required to attend! 😉 Until the next post….

I absolutely forgot to mention the most useful gift I received. It is from Naomi…a 12 pack of toilet paper. She lived in Korea for several years and they have a tradition of giving practical gifts for housewarmings. How appropriate – a gift everyone can use! 🙂
Toilet paper from Naomi!

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  1. You’ve got some awesome new plants and I’m jealous…not really! Frank would kill me if I brought something new home! Just remember to water them and talk nicely to them. You might ask Frank what he says to make ours grow so well. Probably not along the lines of what I say to them, which is: “If you’re going to die, get on with it!”

    Great house, great party, loved the blue drink!
    Your “formal diningroom” looks like the perfect place for that leaning bookcase:-) Have fun decorating and creating fun living spaces.

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