Wow, did I piss in someone’s Wheaties…

Looks like someone was drunk commenting. Went through a lot of trouble to do this…. With this much work (obviously not spell check, though) put into this composition, we should definitely publish it for him/her. So, Buttness (that’s the user name they picked), here is your moment:

You are such a bitch cathy, you go to hell, you go to hell and you die. You suck at everything, namely life. In the future, don’t be such a skankalicious whore-bag. Everyone who knows you, hates you……true story. You’re ugly, get a teeth….job. That way they don’t bend in so much from all that cock suckage. You nasty whore, do you take it in the ass? DO you like all the poop chuteage that you call sexual activity. You do don’t you? You like it in the ass! Is that shitter where you’re having it with one of your many “subscribers”? That’s wrong. There’s no way you can ever have it! YOU have to pay for them, not vica-verca. You therfore, are not a skank, but one who wishes to be a skank but can only get it form the ugly guys. That’s write I said it. You dirty dripping cunt. Guys find you and your dog/cat eating, chink ass, japanese sushi partaking, anal practcing, trumpet suck at playing, anal licking, bent in teeth, (I’m fiding it really hard to stop), charlie ass utterly revulting. Why are you so UGLY? Is is it a birth defect? Did your parents have saki when they were doing one another to have you? Or was it your mother and her pot after the sex. Were you dropped on the head as a kid? Did you get beat with an ugly stick? Don’t answer, because quite frankly, I don’t care. Hate.

Sorry about all the profanity. Normally, I wouldn’t publish all that but I think if I tried to edit it, it would just take away from this person’s passion about me. Good stuff, huh?

Oh, for anyone that actually cares, this post comes from IP: ,

13 thoughts on “Wow, did I piss in someone’s Wheaties…”

  1. whee. this is fun. I dont think its a girl I think its a guy. i dont know about girls, but i dont think they care about another girls ability to give a blow job. and only guys are so fixated on anal. the entire article comes off as being writen buy a guy.

    all the racist reeks of an immature male.

    charlie ass is actually charlie as in vietnamese. ass as in ass -> vietnamese ass.

    i think if it were another girl posting, itd be way more scathing and way less amusing.

    personal remarks aside, id like to kick his ass for being a racist asshole

  2. OMG! That is horrible. Could it have been one the students? I agree with greyson in kicking this persons ass! What a jerk.

  3. wow.. that sounds really angry and awful..

    I think it sounds young.. some of the verbaige, like ‘chuteing,’ along with the common mispellings and transition words make it kind of sound like a 10th grade paper.

  4. C,
    you get me the exact time this trash was submitted and I will be able to tell you who it was from IP: ,

    no prob.

  5. Daaaammmmnnnnn!!! I agree, it sounds like a guy…Given, a very poor spelling one at that. Yup all we really need is the IP and a few phone calls to the right people, the time of the post would help though, and a “user” can then be found. ;o)

    Now, once found, a good ass-wup’n would be in order. So C, who did you fail in band?!? ;o)

  6. I’ve deleted the original comment that I got. I figured that since I posted it in its own special spot for everyone to remember, it wouldn’t be necessary for it to live anywhere else. However, I get emails everytime I get a new user or when anyone makes a comment. I haven’t deleted this email yet. It came in Sat 6/10/2006 12:18 AM.

  7. Oh, man! I want to see who it is. Are you going to post his/her name on here and embarrass the hell out of them? I would! 🙂

  8. i was kinda impressed! ;P but i’d still kick his/her ass for ya C! why can’t the wicked learn to spell?


  9. Thanks for all your support, folks. I’m going to turn off comments on this post now because I really don’t want any more attention going to “Buttness”. It’s not earned nor deserved. I haven’t decided if I want their identity published or not quite yet and I want to be the one who decides so please email me if you figure it out.

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