I know it’s summer and all but there’s something about making soup that is very nurturing to me. See, I’ve had a real bad case of allergies like I’ve never had before. Half my face and parts of my legs and arms have broken out in hives in the last two days. My dad & I are working to heal it wholistically and although it’s a process that takes longer than conventional medicines, I end up feeling better and more importantly, being better in the long run. These hives are coming from the new environment of this house and I’m sure the relief of a lot of stress I’ve been under the last few months (or even year) also helps a body release whatever toxins it’s been holding in.

So, soup. I went on a fruit and water fast for the past 24 hours and once it was up, I really felt like having soup. I had a few chicken legs in the freezer and decided that I was going to make myself some chicken soup. I cut an onion, carrots, and boiled the chicken until if fell off the bone. My house smells so good right now!

The swelling has gone down quite a bit but I still look like a wreck. I feel much better, although I haven’t eaten any soup yet. I guess making it was as good for my soul as eating it will be.

So, keep good thoughts coming my way as I get used to the new house. This too, shall pass.

2 thoughts on “Soup”

  1. I love The Hives! Great head boppin’ music. But, on your face and such, it can’t be much fun, so good luck with the holistic approach and I hope you find out what is making you break out. Probably radiation from that radio tower in your back yard, nyuk, nyuk!

    Happy Father’s Day to your dad!

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