Father’s Day


Ah yes, Dads. A person, whithout whom, we would not be on the earth without. The person in our lives that does a lot of work, yet when someon gets 30 seconds on TV, we always shout “Hi MOM!!!”. Dads really don’t get the credit they deserve but today, this is their day.

My dad is pretty nifty. He taught me how to use power tools and multiplication and physics. He taught me to stick to my guns when I know I’m right and that fair doesn’t always mean equal…but to try to be as equal as possible. He supports me regardless of if he knows if I’m going to follow through or not (do you know how much sporting equipment he’s purchased for his kids? It’s all now in a closet…). He taught me how to write and how to not be afraid of anything I encounter. Don’t ever challenge my dad to a roller skating race because you’ll lose. But if you ask him to teach you to skate, he’ll stay right with you, no matter what his goals for that day are. I could go on about how awesome my dad is but that would take 33 years for me to really explain.

Also, I want to wish all the other dads a great big HAPPY FATHER’S DAY. I know your kids love you as much as I love my dad!

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  1. Great pic there Cath, and you’re right about dads, or those who fill in the gab (step-fathers.) =o) Now see if you had posted this on Myspace, I could have given you 2 Kudos! LOL ;oP

    I kiddd…I kiiddd!

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